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RP3000 Spreading Electronic Dance Punk Across the Galaxy

Spreading Electronic Dance Punk Across The Galaxy

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Latest Video - "Don't F with my Wife"

Latest video from RP3000 - RP3000 live in the Lockup

Our Debut Video - "Labels"

Debut video from RP3000 - "Labels are for Tins of Beans"

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Pete Johnson RP3000 - Electronic Dance Punk Dundalk Robbie Sharkey RP3000 - Electronic Dance Punk Dundalk

Spreading Electronic Dance Punk Across The Galaxy - Dig It!

RP3000 are a conceptual two piece band from Dundalk Ireland formed in the summer of 2019.
The band consists of Pete Johnson and Robbie Sharkey two lifelong friends who have played in bands together for over 26 years, namely Rumble (Peel session 1995), Little Alex and of course Pete Johnson and Screwball the most recent.

We have embarked on this new project with a different approach. It is our mission to highlight political and social issues of the day through electronic guitar punk. It is not all about the music we both want to bring our love of art into our work. At the moment we are working on our first EP LABELS and hope to bring it out in the summer.

We are very conscious we may be perceived as pretentious in trying to achieve a high art form of mixed media and if it is the case we are not your cup of tea well that's why labels are for tins of beans!!!

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